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CASA de TAMALES - New Mexico
                      Pork Tamale

Through the rise and fall of many civilizations, tamales have had a history all their own, truly withstanding
the test of time.

With a past dating back to the BC era, the tamale has really established itself as a permanent staple in many countries. That's no easy task, especially for a food that's so labor-intensive to create.

However, while the process for making tamales is anything but fast, with its protective corn husk wrapping, rich masa surrounding a variety of fillings, it's still a very portable food, perhaps making it the very first fully self-contained travel meal for people who were on-the-go, since way back when.

With such a strong & vibrant past spanning thousands of years, the tamale is sure to be around for thousands more.

But, why wait another thousand years? There's no better time than the present to enjoy a pile of authentic
freshly-made tamales. So, join us at CASA de TAMALES and share in this rich, and savory, history.

What about Tortillas?

Tortillas are, also, Pre-Hispanic, from the BC era, which is why we take our Tacos just as seriously as our Tamales.
You'll see us pressing our own tortillas at our restaurant (not from a retail bag). Btw, Vegan & Gluten-Free, too.

CASA de TAMALES - Tamale

Is it Tamal or Tamale when referring to just one?

Because "Tamal" is the popular Spanish singular term, many may believe "Tamale" mistakenly just came about
from the plural "Tamales".

However, it's been noted that "Tamale", which is in the Spanish dialect, may be more accurately derived from "Tamalli", which comes from the Aztecs (Pre-Hispanic). "Tamale" and "Tamalli" even sound more alike! Since tamales predate Mexican/Spanish culture, who are we to judge.

We like to say "Tamale". But, hey, both work for us

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