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                        Sanchez | President/Owner     I'm Liz Sanchez, President/Owner of CASA de TAMALES.

    My inspiration for tamales comes from my Grandmother,
    who owned & operated a tortilla business in Mexico for
    over 10 years. Developing her own unique way of making
    masa, her tortillas were hailed as the best in the area.

    Her knowledge of masa evolved into working with
    tamales, opening up a whole new world of possibilities.

    Fortunately, recipes were saved.

    Following in Grandma's pioneering footsteps, I continue
    her legacy by fusing her Old World style with a modern
    healthy approach to Mexican cuisine.
    Old World meets New.

    Thanks, Grandma!

CASA de TAMALES - Mom and Grandma Here are the two ladies responsible for my being here.
They're to blame.  

Thankfully, I've visited my Grandma in her own town, La Piedad,
Mexico. It's a beautiful city full of history. Everyone in
town was wonderful to me. Some recognized me and knew who
my family was, at first sight, just because I look so much like my
Mom (who grew up there). Someday, I hope to visit there, again.
We'll see.  

In this photo, My Grandma had come over from Mexico just for
Grand Opening. I was truly grateful she was able to be here
for me.
She was really happy one of her grandchildren had chosen
to continue
in her footsteps and further her craft of making masa.
She was blown
away by some of the extremes I had created, like
Blueberry masa
that's actually Blue. My Grandma always swings
by my store whenever
she's in Fresno. She said it's the only place
where she can enjoy a great
tamale. Best compliment, ever!

CASA de TAMALES - Tamale

With a solid foundation built on the past, and with a vision for the future, we bring the richness of Mexico to you,
offering tastes long forgotten.

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